I’m not sure where I discovered Maje but I’m officially obsessed. Guess what? Nobody in Canada carries it. Oh well, I guess that’s why online shopping was invented. Thankfully, it’s extremely reasonably priced.

Maje was created in 2000 by a chic Parisienne Judith Milgrom. Soon after opening her first store in the Saint Germain district, her garments quickly became favourites on the stylish streets of Paris. Maje is slowly, but surely, making its way across the globe. Perhaps over time, it will make it here too.

Maybe it’s because the label hails from Paris, but I seem to be really attracted to all of Maje’s stripey things. I especially love the play on the classic Breton stripe with the addition of the soft lace. It’s part sailor, part lady. Just perfect.

$200 US at Net-a-Porter.