Where do I even begin? That was spectacular!

Chuck. Chuck! Chuck? Why? Well, I know: you’ve always wanted it. We remember your roof moment with Jenny in Season 1. Don’t pretend it hasn’t crossed your mind before. But of course, in the world of Gossip Girl, deflowering teenage virgins directly leads to getting shot on the sketchy streets of Prague.

And Jenny? All the screw-up moments have been leading to this, the final fall and demise. Because nothing says “fall from grace” like sleeping with Chuck Bass. And that was really uncomfortable, awkward and dirty (just like teenage sex that I remember). Brings a whole new level to the term “shame f**k.” Having said that, it made sense for Jenny’s character. Her self-esteem has been slowly chipped away since she stole that Valentino gown in Season 1, and it’s been bad karma ever since. It’s hard to be from the wrong side of the tracks, or in Jenny’s case, the wrong side of the bridge.

And what did she wear during this whole debacle? What Jenny always wears: black and leather. She is Serena-in-training but dirtier.

Topshop dress
Moschino t-strap shoes
And who is Serena to be all self-righteous? She is the ultimate cheater. I think she has ADD when it comes to boys. And by the way, Serena: “We just fell asleep talking” is the lamest excuse of all time. From one boy to another and back again like a million times! I’m getting tired just watching her. It’s always the same lame old excuse about her needing to find herself. Isn’t that what she always does? I mean, does she do anything but think about herself? Oh yes, but this time she gets to do it in Paris!

And yes, she looks amazing all the time! She wears sky high Louboutins and a plunging top dress to the hospital in the middle of the day. And then wears a Yigal Azrouel cocktail dress for no reason at all, just to hang out in Blair’s room.

M.C.L. by Matthew Campbell Laurenza cuff

And then there is Blair, so adorable and hopeful. But so un-Blair like. Because the Blair we know and love would have been way craftier at letting Chuck know that she was running late. She would have known Chuck wouldn’t even wait a minute before attempting some self-destructive thing like, at minimum, getting drunk and high out of his mind. And the Blair we know would have done everything in her power to stop him. But really, all she had to do was text him. But in that case, the outcome would be Blair and Chuck getting engaged at the top of the Empire State Building at the age of 19. And how boring would that be?

Un-Blair as Blair was, she did wear one of my favourite outfits this season: the adorable Sariah floral dress under the bright green Barney’s cape paired with happy yellow Louboutins and a matching Longchamp satchel. It matched her hopeful mood.

SariahYvonna” dress

(available at Scoop NYC; arriving to Barneys in a different colourway this summer)

Sariah dress (see previous)
Barneys CO-OP cape

MCL necklace
Christian Louboutin “New Simple” pump

Longchamp “Gatsby” satchel

She stayed hopeful in her packing-for-Paris outfit. I love her Parker sailboat shirt. It foreshadowed her travel bug. It’s true, nothing mends a broken heart better than French boys. I can’t wait to see Blair’s Parisian style next season.

Parker pintuck sail boats blouse
Topshop skirt

Noir bracelet

Is this the end of Blair and Chuck? I don’t think so. And how hot was slutty Nate? I didn’t forget about Georgina! She is just lame. I wish they would have brought back Nelly Yuki instead. I love her. And I love Carter. Can he come back? God, I love this show.

Until next time – in Paris! You know you love me.


It Girl

PS. Congratulations Vi! Like Blair and Serena, Eric Daman’s “I Know You Want It” is travelling to Europe! Portugal to be exact!