Gossip Girl GIVEAWAY: “You Know You Want It”

To celebrate the end of Gossip Girl‘s third season, I am giving away I Know You Want It, written by the show’s costume designer Eric Daman. Other than the foreword by Leighton Meester, there are no appearances by the cast or any other celebrities. However, there are countless beautiful illustrations and many chic photographs of Eric Daman-styled models. Unlike Rachel Zoe, Daman doesn’t pander to big labels but offers a do-it-yourself solution to creating one’s own style.

The book reads a little young. Daman is aware that a high percentage of his audience are young girls and women discovering fashion and style for the first time mainly because of Gossip Girl. Of course, it’s a fun read for seasoned fashion veterans as well.

The book is separated into nine chapters guiding you from identifying your body type, introducing the basics and not-so basics, cleaning your closet, and finding your inspiration. But Daman also makes the book a fun read for everyone. Throughout the book, he repeatedly states that “style is 20% fashion and 80% confidence” and reminds his readers that “you don’t need to be anyone but you,” something that I can certainly stand behind.

“Get rid of those skeletons of season past and make room for your fashionable future.”

Eric Daman seems like a fascinating individual. He left his hometown in Michigan to study French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris. While attending university, he worked at a hip Parisian boutique where he was discovered by legendary photographer Steven Meisel, leading to a gig in a Calvin Klein jean campaign. Daman soon discovered a passion for behind-the-scenes work, rather than being in front of the camera. It eventually lead to him becoming an assistant stylist to Patricia Field for season 3 of Sex and the City (while it was still good). Along with the title of a head costume designer for Gossip Girl, he also holds the title of creative director of the Charlotte Russe clothing label.
“Style is timeless. While trends come and go, an understanding of style is forever.”

“When Eric dresses a character, the clothes aren’t just an outfit. They’re a statement. The characters of Gossip Girl have distinct histories, personalities, and their costumes are chosen to reflect what they are experiencing and feeling.” – Leighton Meester

Let’s get down to business!

Which Gossip Girl character most reflects your personal style? Are you preppy and refined like Blair? Are you seductive like Serena? Or an urban bohemian like Vanessa? A little bit of a rebel like Jenny? Or classically elegant like Lily? Do you love purple like Chuck? Or maybe you’re a hybrid of two or more characters?

Sound off in the comments section until May 17 (the season finale) for a chance to win. The winner will be selected through a random draw and announced on May 18. Yes, boys can enter too.

You know you want it!


It Girl

PS. Members of my I’m the It Girl Facebook page get an additional entry. Yes, like Blair – I like being the Queen Bee. Can’t help it.

  • What a fab giveaway! I’ve been hooked to GG since season 1 and I have the last two episodes waiting for me (which I plan on watching either today or tomorrow). The book looks like such a fun and informative read! I think I’m pretty much a hybrid of most looks, although I rarely go full on preppy like Blair. It’s more a mix of elegant, girly and rock, so I guess I’m part Lily, Blair and Jenny? Although the latter goes too far in the 80s direction for my liking…

  • Guess if anything i’d be a mixture of Chuck (suit-wise), Dorota (color/ no color-wise), Blair’s undies, Serena’s hair. Carrying Dan’s books wearing Vanessa’S headphones, Archibald on my mind while pulling some of Rufus’ pancakes out of a box in the Birkin i stole from Lily.

  • I’d say i’m a hybrid of Serena and Jenny-sophisticated chic and trendy

  • I’m def a Jenny. Only not quite as much eyeliner

  • i think i’m a bit of preppy blair with rock n roll jenny with just a hint of urban vanessa, not hippie vanessa. i really enjoyed the different twists on the uniform rather than their actual clothes lately.

  • Giorgio Moroser

    I’m totally Dorota.

  • I am definitely a combination of the bohemian vanessa and the rebel jenny. Just depends on my mood 🙂

  • I know I want it:)
    I think i’m A bit of Blair

    great giveaway!!

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I haven’t gotten far enough into the show yet, waiting for the DVD of the season so I can plunge in on a rainy Saturday. But the 18th is my birthday, I’d love to get some style help as a gift! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • That is a book I could learn from even at 60. We live in the country and my closet is full of stuff that doesn’t fit right or is out of style. I need help with the body type and what to do with what I have. I’m sure that someday I will open a magazine and find my picture in the section that says “Never do this!” and there I will be. Thanks for a chance!

  • I’m definitely a Lily! I love her style!


  • Hmm…I don’t know, I LOVE purple like Chuck. I guess I’m a bit of Vanessa.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  • Jo

    Their styles are quite different, but I love pieces from both Serena and Vanessa…I have a very “special” sense of style haha


  • I love Blair Waldorf style, I think her style is girly and it is suitable with my style. Her style is really inspired me hot to dress well…

  • Danielle

    Which Gossip Girl character most reflects your personal style? I lovee Blair’s style. She is truly a fashion icon! Great giveaway btw!
    email: paranoid.butterfly@gmail.com

  • This is so cool! You are right, I do totally want this! I think I’m more Vanessa like…just not as good! 🙂 Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  • Tatiana

    i would have to say that Blair’s style is probably most close to mine. I love how she can pull of chic and vintage without looking insane, she has class written all over her and i love it!

  • Kel

    Awesome, I’d love to read this book. Lord knows I need more style in my life.

  • Ross

    seductive like serena! all the way!

    r0b0tj0n3z [at] yahoo dot com

  • I’d say I’m a mix between Blair and Vanessa, depending on the day and occasion.


  • i’m more of a preppy blair! this is an amazing giveaway!

  • I’m definitely Jenny. Messy punk style.
    Best giveaway ever!

    xxx kissmequick

  • Such a cool book! I would say a mix of Serena and Vanessa. Not at all like their personalities though.


  • Cool givaway!

    I am mostly like Blair, I like her style a lot and it’s the one most similar to mine.

    celebel.echelon @ gmail.com

  • oh hellll yes – fb fan additional entry por favor 😉
    pick me pick me pick me! i’ll be blunt – i’d dress more like serena if I had the t&a, more like blair if I had the $, but i think right now i’m a bit between vanessa and jenny, boho rock i guess, sans bad hair extensions.

  • Wow, great book. I would say a mix of Blair and Vanessa

  • Just sayin’ I’m definitely rockin’ a Nelly Yuki. But really, I’d have to say I’m a mix between Blair’s preppy style with Vanessa’s casual boho look. 🙂 What an amazing giveaway, even if I don’t win this, I’m getting the book! Thanks a lot for holding this giveaway <3

    -xo Jess

  • I’m a hybrid, complete mixture of everyone and probably the rest of the cast, too…


  • Vi

    OH MY GOD!!! i love this book but here in portugal i can’t seem to find it! what an amazing opportunity. well about my style and GG, oh what can i say i’m terrible addicted to GG actually i just finished seeing the last episode instead of doing my thesys! :S
    i can’t say my style doesn’t change depending on my mood but i definitly team serena: i adore her bold, vintage kind-a-like soft jewellery, her mini dresses, her day to day simple but chic outfits, her high-on sky heels…it’s my fantasy wardrobe! hope i win

  • Even though she’s not my favorite character, I would have to say my style is most like Vanessa’s. Kind of off beat, but still modern. I would wear anything in her closet!

  • I dress depending on my mood, and my mood is constantly changing so I have 3 styls I usually wear. 1. classy & slegant 2.Bohemian 3.Rock vintage chick
    So I would say I dress like Blair, Vanessa, and Jenny. If it is evening wear I always dress more like Blair. I love well tailored skirts, dresses, and blouses (so far the piece i have bought from the Miss Selfridge for Gossip Girl collection is a Blair dress). However if I just listen to a bit of rock, i am instantly in the mood for rock style, and in that case Jenny, I love how she wears slip skirts and slip dresses, because they make the rock look more feminine. I also love the bohemian look like Vanessa’s expecially when it is a hot summers day near the beach and I just want to relax, I find bohemian pieces the most comfortable as they are so lose and light. So I can’t just pick one Gossip Girl character it has to be Blair, Jenny and Vanessa.

    Good luck to everyone!



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  • My style most like Jenny from Brooklyn or Season 1 Jenny. She dressed preppy but was more laid back and casual; how most girls would dress on a budget (i.e. me). I do wear the black minishorts/skirts, leather and booties at times like rockstar rebellious Jenny now but not so much the makeup :p

    Since Jenny was emulating Blair for most of season 1 then I guess I’m a mixture of the two of them.

  • I do, I do want it!:)I love Serena’s style, but if I’m really looking at what I wear on a daily basis, I would have to say I’m closest to Vanessa’s style…really feeling the bohemian vibe, especially for Summer, and I love all her scarves! Count me in for an extra facebook fanpage entry!
    *Fingers crossed 😉

  • I’d have to say Blair. I love Serena’s style but I’m not a six-foot tall glamazon so wouldn’t be able to pull it off as well!

    Happy Weekend!

  • Caroline Daga

    I have to deffinetely say that I’m a mixture between Jenny and Blair. I love the classic clothes like old Chanel, but now and than I feel like playing a little modern and wearing different things like Jenny. (:

  • I’m a total Serena. If I had access to her closet, I would feel like I’d died and gone to heaven. I would also like to have her hairstylist available on call.
    Count me in for an extra Facebook entry too! 🙂

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