To celebrate the end of Gossip Girl‘s third season, I am giving away I Know You Want It, written by the show’s costume designer Eric Daman. Other than the foreword by Leighton Meester, there are no appearances by the cast or any other celebrities. However, there are countless beautiful illustrations and many chic photographs of Eric Daman-styled models. Unlike Rachel Zoe, Daman doesn’t pander to big labels but offers a do-it-yourself solution to creating one’s own style.

The book reads a little young. Daman is aware that a high percentage of his audience are young girls and women discovering fashion and style for the first time mainly because of Gossip Girl. Of course, it’s a fun read for seasoned fashion veterans as well.

The book is separated into nine chapters guiding you from identifying your body type, introducing the basics and not-so basics, cleaning your closet, and finding your inspiration. But Daman also makes the book a fun read for everyone. Throughout the book, he repeatedly states that “style is 20% fashion and 80% confidence” and reminds his readers that “you don’t need to be anyone but you,” something that I can certainly stand behind.

“Get rid of those skeletons of season past and make room for your fashionable future.”

Eric Daman seems like a fascinating individual. He left his hometown in Michigan to study French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris. While attending university, he worked at a hip Parisian boutique where he was discovered by legendary photographer Steven Meisel, leading to a gig in a Calvin Klein jean campaign. Daman soon discovered a passion for behind-the-scenes work, rather than being in front of the camera. It eventually lead to him becoming an assistant stylist to Patricia Field for season 3 of Sex and the City (while it was still good). Along with the title of a head costume designer for Gossip Girl, he also holds the title of creative director of the Charlotte Russe clothing label.
“Style is timeless. While trends come and go, an understanding of style is forever.”

“When Eric dresses a character, the clothes aren’t just an outfit. They’re a statement. The characters of Gossip Girl have distinct histories, personalities, and their costumes are chosen to reflect what they are experiencing and feeling.” – Leighton Meester

Let’s get down to business!

Which Gossip Girl character most reflects your personal style? Are you preppy and refined like Blair? Are you seductive like Serena? Or an urban bohemian like Vanessa? A little bit of a rebel like Jenny? Or classically elegant like Lily? Do you love purple like Chuck? Or maybe you’re a hybrid of two or more characters?

Sound off in the comments section until May 17 (the season finale) for a chance to win. The winner will be selected through a random draw and announced on May 18. Yes, boys can enter too.

You know you want it!


It Girl

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