That was fun! I like when everyone is working together on a big scheme and the back and forth banter between the characters (it even makes Dan seem witty). Reminded me of the Georgina takedown a couple of seasons ago before the show took a bit of a nosedive. It is getting deliciously good again but still suffers from so many plot holes.

Like, what happened to Vanessa? Is she gone to Haiti already? No big goodbye like when Seth took off sailing and said goodbye to Summer on the O.C.? I hate how writers keep shortchanging Vanessa. She could actually be an OK character if they paid attention to all her achievements – and she has many! Are they forgetting that she somehow managed to sex it up with all three leading boys: Nate, Chuck, and Dan? Like I said before, she could actually be my hero. Yes, the writers apparently have amnesia. Poor Vanessa.

Is that it for the Baldwin? Really? Are we back with the Lily and Rufus borefest? Or did Rufus really cheat with Holland (yes, that’s her name!)? Poor Rufus: he is now just a desperate housewife of Manhattan, far away from his rockstar glory days. Can’t he call up Sonic Youth or Lisa Loeb or someone he can talk to about his problems other than Dr. Holland?

It’s no wonder everyone is always fighting over Lily – she is so gorgeous! I always enjoy her many variations on the chignon. I loved her purple Badgley Mishka gown (photo looks burgundy). And then I loved her going-to-Palm-Beach asymmetrical Michael Kors. Lily is just so damn classy. I want to be just like her when I grow up (but without Rufus, or Bart, or the Baldwin…or daughter like Serena).

House of Lavande earrings

Michael Kors (Resort 2010)
Janis Savitt necklace

Serena is just so damn unlikeable these days. Can a person be more selfish? She wore a gorgeous gold one-shoulder dress by Marc Jacobs but that is her only redeeming quality this week.

(Sorry, I had to take a screencap.)
Is it wrong that I want Jenny to take Serena down? Jenny can do it now that she has a pair of magical boobs all of her own! Where did those things come from? Must have been the mystery pharmaceuticals! I just wish she would get rid of those god-awful corkscrew ringlets. They were just awful, especially considering her clothes this week were pretty amazing. Well, that epic J. Mendel gown at least was drool-worthy, if not ready-to-cry worthy!

Theory lace skirt (Fall 2009)
J Mendel gown (Fall 2009)
(Sorry, another screencap. Click on the link to see it on the runway.)

Then there is the adorable Blair, who is finally moving on from Chuck and getting ready to date (or to “courtship”) like a normal person. I must say Mr. Rugby is a cutie but of course my heart will always belong to Chuck. Blair arms herself with three print dresses to embark on her new adventures in love. Girl knows what’s up! I love the Marc Jacobs bird print and I loved her floral Dior with the yellow bow belt. I love when Blair wears bows!

Marc Jacobs bird print dress
(similar one available at
Bergdorf Goodman)
Matthew Campbell Laurenza necklace

But I wasn’t crazy about the Zac Posen gown for some reason. I don’t quite know what I don’t like about it. I love the print and the silhouette in theory but it’s just not working on Blair’s small frame (looks better on the runway). I would much prefer to see this cocktail dress version on Blair. Still, A for effort for taking a risk Blair.

Zac Posen “Wisteria” gown (Resort 2010)
Janis Savitt necklace
J.Crew bracelet

So, next week is the season finale! I think a bunch of crazy stuff will happen! Is Jenny going to seduce Nate? Will Serena hook up with Dan again while Vanessa is away? Is Blair going to meet Chuck a la Affair to Remember and if she doesn’t will Chuck “close his heart to her forever?” What is Georgina up to? Who is going to Paris? Why is Chuck standing in his purple robe while Blair is fully dressed holding a bouquet of pink peonies?

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You know you love me.


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PS. Special thanks to InStyle and Elite Gossip Girl Style for some of the info!