I used to own a pair of very clunky clog-like wooden shoes in high school and wear them with some seriously wide-legged Wranglers that I found at a thrift store. I totally thought that 70s was the coolest most underrated decade ever (still do). I had just gotten out of my Brit-pop phase and saw Annie Hall and Love Story for the first time so it made sense. Later, I became embarrassed about this phase (like with most things that happened in high school). But now I’m loving the look again. Thanks Karl Lagerfeld and your hay loving ways.

I always forget about Zara for some reason, but always get reminded how amazing Zara’s shoes are by other bloggers. I first saw these lovelies on a fellow blogger (and a loyal reader) Le Mode du Jour. With well-crafted luxurious wood (oak?) and rich leather, these are just amazing. I think me and wooden shoes can be friends again after all.

$139 CAD at Zara.