myfaceworks “I need to heal” ($60 CAN/pack of 6)

If you have spent time in Asia or wandered around an Asian supermarket, chances are that you have encountered at least one tempting but mysterious facial mask sheet package without an English description and wondered what the deal was. So here it is: they are extremely popular in Asia and, until now, have never been embraced by North American markets. Vancouver’s myfaceworks intends to change that by introducing a complete line of facial sheet masks.

Each product corresponds to its clever title, each answering the question “What does your face need today?” I’ve tried four out of twelve myfaceworks masks: “I need to heal,” “I need to tame,” “I need a clear day,” and “I need to open my eyes.” They all left my face feeling instantly smoother and softer to touch.

Each mask has its own unique formula and scent. For example, “I need to heal” contains aloe vera and cucumber, while “I need to tame” (my favourite) also has rose water, leaving your face smelling like heaven. Sheets are extremely soft and pliable and made from 100% bio-degradable silk.
myfaceworks “I need to tame” ($60 CAN/pack of 6)
myfaceworks sheet masks are ultra convenient and without any messiness. Apply for 20 minutes and you are instantly regenerated. I could see myself packing these with my carry-on for those long plane rides that dehydrate your skin.