My resolution this year was to seriously get into yoga. I’ve always stayed away from it due to a couple of very awkward yoga classes in the past: it’s hard from me to get pass the humming and what I call ‘yoga music’. Much like finding your personal style, finding the right yoga studio requires a lot of trial and error. And at $18/class, it’s not cheap.

Passport to Prana is a great promotion that enables you to try as many yoga studios as you like for $30 from now until July 31. It’s a no-brainer. There are over 30 studios to chose from in the Vancouver area (you get to try each studio once), and Passport to Prana is sure to help you discover your yoga haven.

Don’t worry non-Vancouverites: Passport to Prana is also available in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Victoria, as well as in major cities across the Unites States.

Order your passport online at or pick it up at one of the participating studios.

Need more inspiration?

I know I’ll be starting my yoga travels right away.