The plot has been suffering from a Days of Our Lives type of cheese. Am I the only one that wants to see these characters in their college struggles? I wonder how Blair’s grades are. Or does she no longer care now that her Yale dreams have been crushed? Someone should tell her that there is a thing called ‘grad school.’ Somewhere in New Haven, Nelly Yuki is winning scholarships and coveted awards and, no-doubtingly, laughing her ass off at the thought of Blair at NYU. Some shows fall apart in their college years (Beverly Hills 90210) and some thrive (Gilmore Girls).

(Should we even care about the voice of Gossip Girl? I mean, she hasn’t contributed to the plot in like a million years!)

My darling Chuck is suffering from Dylan McKay syndrome: bad-boy loses dad and begins a boring soap opera road of never-ending self-searching. Long lost uncle, long lost dead but not dead mother… What’s next Chuck? Long lost illegitimate child? Chuck deserves better.
To make things worse, there were no outfit changes this week making this perhaps the drabbest episode of all time.

No pants Vanessa was underwhelming but I did like her bikini. And, I may be the only one that likes her and Dan together.

Malia Mills bikini
Monique Leshman tunic
Tellulah earrings
Lenora Dame necklace

Serena basically wore the same outfit from last week. Really, Serena, a grey and brown outfit with a ‘fun’ legging is all you can come up these days? Maybe all the Nate 9 1/2 Weeks kitchen sex is keeping her too busy for outfit planning.

ADAM double breasted coat
Theory sweater
Victoria Beckham denim leggings
Chloe studded boots
Magaschoni scarf
Bulgari alligator bag
Sermoneta two-tone gloves

Blair looked lovely but, dare I say, a little on the boring side. Since her and Chuck are going through hard times, she should be bringing out ‘Anna’ more because desperate scheming Blair is the best Blair fashion-wise.

D&G dress
Hue black tights

Sorrelli bracelet

Ranjana Khan necklace

Casadei Two-Tone Pumps (not pictured)

Remember when Blair’s outfits were through the roof amazing? I especially liked her all American prep ensembles during the Constance years. The old Blair could accessorize like no one’s business. Lately it’s just been pencil skirts and blouses. I mean, she is 18, not 38! And if she is at NYU, there is no reason to abandon the preppy look. I wonder what she would wear if she went to Yale? She would for sure wear those two-tone brogues.

I also miss the Mean Girls and their ever-so-colourful outfits.

And of course, I miss the old Jenny. The new Jenny has her moments but the old Jenny was somewhat of a fashion prodigy. Back then, her eyes could actually see colour.

And finally, remember when Chuck wore separates? I realize that he now heads Bass Industries, but doesn’t he get casual Fridays or a day off perhaps?

Next week: Serena is back to her old self.

You know you love me.


It Girl

P.S. Thanks to InStyle Magazine for the info.