When Jane Aldridge first announced that she was doing a collection for Urban Outfitters, I was a bit skeptical. What does a seventeen-year-old girl with a taste for very expensive shoes have to offer to the world? Apparently a lot! I must admit that I like about 75% of the collection! A promising start to what I believe will be a long career in fashion for Jane. This is a good example of a fashion muse testing the fashion waters in the right way (yes, I’m looking at you Lindsay for the wrong way); start low, aim high. Urban Outfitters was a perfect venue for Aldridge: hip fashions at the prices that most of her readers and fans can afford. She knows she has a lot to learn about design, and (although I don’t personally know her) it seems she put a lot of herself into the collection. I genuinely hope we will see more in the future.

I love everything about this boot: the two-tone colour, the laces, the wedge heel. I want.

$128.00 at Urban Outfitters.

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