“By the way, sandals are not shoes”- Blair Waldorf.

Let’s swoon at Chuck for a moment first:

This week on Gossip Girl, we were unfortunately exposed to really bad acting by Tyra Banks (please stick to smeyesing). It was so distracting that it was hard to focus what was good about the episode: Chuck (we got “I’m Chuck Bass” twice!), Blair and Jenny. Also unfortunate is the addition of Olivia as Dan’s love interest and Vanessa’s roommate. I feel like this is a lame attempt to make Dan (no longer lonely boy) and Vanessa more interesting. They should just let Dan and Vanessa finally hook up and start some lame film/writing project about being from Brooklyn… ’cause Brooklyn has street cred, right? Note to Olivia: if you want to go unnoticed, maybe don’t wear your Valentino Petale bag to school… Head to Urban Outfitters instead… And where was Almost Chuck? I’m starting to kind of love him. OK, enough rant, let’s get to fashion.

I love Serena’s job interviewing outfit: classic skin tight Serena plus blazer (to look professional). But come on! Anna Wintour would never recommend Serena to Tory Burch. Anna hates socialites that beg paparazzi for attention. I bet Anna loves Lilly though.

Topshop boyfriend blazer
Herve Leger bandage kkirt
Valentino Kaleido tote
Stephen Dweck necklace

Herve Leger Fall 2009 bandage dress
(Serena sure is a fan of Herve Leger!)

I still don’t understand why Blair insists on living on campus? The old Blair would proudly arrive at NYU in her limo over-accessorized in brooches, headbands, gloves and pearls. Overall, Blair didn’t deliver this week… not crazy about this dress:

Tibi Beaded Silk Dress

Catherine Malandrino top
Yves Saint Laurent bag
Swarovski Bow pendant

We also saw the return of Little J now as the Queen B at Constance. I’ve had a soft spot for Little J ever since she stole the Valentino dress in season one (because, I would’ve totally done it too!). The head-to-toe black has to stop but her choice in handbags is spot on.

Be&D ‘Garbo’ satchel

I feel uninspired by this episode. I’ve given up on the return of NELLY YUKI. I wish her all the best at Yale… I hope she still rocks headbands and geeky glasses…

Next week: Lilly and Rufus’ wedding! Fashionable Dorotha!


It Girl

P.S. I’m still looking for Blair’s red skirt. I’ll update when I find it. Meanwhile, read the funniest recap ever!