One of my favorite Vancouver designers is The Penniless Fashionista. Alecia Ebbels and Brieanna Soo, both graduates from Kwantlen Fashion Design program, created the girliest, funnest collection for Fall 2009. Gorgeous silk tops, ruffles, stunning prints… what more can a girl ask for?

For their Fall 2009 lookbook, which speaks to all of us whose bank accounts are suffering, The Penniless Fashionista created a whimsical look at how far a girl will go for fashion. No worries, these girls understand: most of the items are under $200!

Here’s a bit of the Penniless Fashionista philosophy:
1. Not enough money to pay for necessities.
2. Broke, as she spent all of her money on clothes!
1. A term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends.

At The Penniless
Fashionista, Canadian designers Alecia Ebbels and Brieanna Soo have a fun and whimsical outlook on women’s fashions. Our goal is to create must-have pieces that any woman would be willing to go penniless for. We focus on the dynamic use of colours, prints, and fabrics, while integrating intricate details that highlight our designs.

It’s okay to admit that you have a ” problem “…
You have a crazy shopping addiction. Join the club, we are all addicts too! The clothes just speak to us. They say, “buy me, wear me, love me, I’m gorgeous,” and we just have to give in. Whether it means pushing our credit cards to the limit, or eating Mac and Cheese for a week, we’re going to buy all of the clothes we want (and we’ll worry about the bills later). So go ahead and treat yourself…

You may be penniless, but you will always look fabulous!


I also got a sneak peek at the Spring 2010 collection: adorable. Designs like these make me truly proud to be a Vancouverite.

In Vancouver The Penniless Fashionista is available at The Block, Fine Finds, and Tenth & Proper.