Looks like the SuperBored folks have yet another ace up their sleeve. This weekend marks the opening of Brag Garden, their new “guerrilla” store over on 1st Ave and Fir.
Guerrilla stores aren’t a new thing in Vancouver. Campbell McDougall‘s former Komakino store would move locations every few months, popping up with a new storefront with little advance notice (the latest incarnation is online, unless you count Darklands in Berlin, which landed McDougall in a recent Nylon feature). All seem to find reference to the Comme des Garcons Guerrilla Store, which showed up here, there and everywhere for one year stints at a time. Long story short: if you ain’t in the know, now you know (apologies to Biggie Smalls).
This ain’t the only new thing SuperBored has up their sleeve: a collab with bubble tea chain Well Tea seems to be in the works as well.

Signed, the It Guest. Are we friends yet or what?
P.S. They do carry womenswear and Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories.