While there’s just way too many sneaker collabs to keep track of anymore – to the point where you really have to question the uniqueness of the idea – the Opening Ceremony x Keds collab sticks out from the recent glut. Instead of overdoing it to the point of ridiculousness (I’m looking at you, Jeremy Scott for Adidas), these sneakers stick to the basics.

The line is apparently inspired by Americana, or, more specifically, different regions of the US (no word if there’s going to be a tea party protest edition with Yosemite Sam print). Opening Ceremony have put this into the details: in the picture above, there’s a slight glimpse of the inner lining of the shoe, which has a classic bandana print. If you ain’t into the States, just fake it and say it’s an homage to the French flag.

This Ked Champion catches our eye in particular: it’s just a classic, albeit eye-popping, sneaker that can be worn with pretty much anything. As Elvis Costello put it, the angels wanna wear my red shoes…especially when they’re these ones.

Here’s the obligatory marketing video:

Available from Opening Ceremony online for USD$65.

Signed, the It Guest.