My shoe poll results indicate that about 80% of my readers spend between $100-$200 on a pair of shoes. Only one person seems to be able to afford a magnificent shoe like “Nitoinimoi” (BTW, can we be friends? What size are you?). That doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming, right? No worries: Louboutins, Choos, Givenchys, Lanvins, and Blahniks will still make regular appearances on this site. But to bring it back to reality, more affordable shoes will be featured, at least, every other week.

When I was younger and before I entered the world of designer goods, Aldo was my shoe mecca. I revisited Aldo this week after many many years and was pleasantly surprised! I walked away with a couple of pairs and my wallet wasn’t crying buckets! I also learnt that synthetic shoes have really improved in comfort from the last time I tried them (Stella would be proud). They now almost feel like actual leather. Sure, they might not last until next season but, as Karl would say, they might become ‘démodé‘ by then anyways.

Meet ‘Keen’, a shoe that is of the moment: flat, patent, buckled. Think Alexander Wang on a tight budget. Actually, quite classic.

$60 CAD at Aldo.