Lately, I’ve been girlcrushing on model Daniela Mirzac. I think it’s her eyebrows: so natural and care-free.

To get Daniela’s look: stop plucking and try KIMIKO Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique. I know I’ll be sporting some seriously thick eyebrows this year.

The super fine point on this twist-up eyebrow pencil allows you to create the ideal brow shape by drawing strokes as fine as individual hairs themselves! This stay-sharp pencil includes a covered brush to blend and soften, for the most natural looking brows that define and frame the face.

Instructions by Kimiko:

-Draw quick, short, up and outward strokes to fill and shape the brow.
-Blend using the eyebrow brush on the reverse end for the most natural looking eyebrows.
-To create an even more precise edge, place a tissue on a hard surface and drag the pencil along at an angle.

In Vancouver $27 CAD at BeautyMark.