I picked up a Lutz & Patmos sweater on sale last year at Barneys . I’ve never heard of the line before but I thought it was one of the most beautiful sweaters I had ever seen so I bought it! I wore it everywhere! In fact, I wore it so much that I was starting to get concerned that people would think I only own one sweater… But after so many wears, unlike other sweaters, my Lutz & Patmos still looks brand new! Quality, ladies, quality. Detailing is exquisite. Knits so soft. The only problem is that they are hard to find in Canada. The only place I could find that carries a limited, but respectable, selection is Misch in Vancouver.

About Lutz & Patmos from their website:

Tina Lutz & Marcia Patmos

two designers/living on New York/tired of five minute trends/longing for integrity/wishing for purity/looking for the fusion of modernity and tradition/decided to start Lutz & Patmos in September 2000.

full collection of sweaters, knits, and accessories/cashmere and other luxury fibers and fabrics/from coat to cardigan/from dress to pant/from sweater to t-shirt/no five minute trends/simple but special/modern but comfortable/familiar but unique/for years not seasons/day into night/weekday into weekend/all climates/all year

Gauze Knit Poncho

Stretch Kimono Dress
Gauze Knit Turtleneck
Jane Birkin (guest designer)V-Neck

In 2008 Lutz & Patmos launched a ‘Little Sister Line’ called Leroy & Perry. Same quality of design, slightly more youthful, slightly more affordable. But remember: timeless design is an investment.

Shop online at

In Vancouver at Misch.