I found the perfect red lipstick. Mojo Cosmetics’ Bullet Lipstick in Conviction (very similar to Louboutin’s red, no?) is an absolute dream. Creamy and super red, it comes in the coolest little package!

Botanically formulated with: shea butter, beeswax, carnuba, aloe, cucumber, rose hips, sugar cane extract, citrus extract, green tea, vitamins a and e, and peppermint.

Mojo’s mantra:

Some companies claim to be innovative. At Mojo, we’re extremists. We’ve gone unimaginable measures to bring you the finest botanical cosmetics in the world. Our Highly dedicated team of skin care and color specialists, artists, machinists, and engineers have combined thousands of hours and extraordinary talents to create these truly revolutionary products.


Available in Vancouver at Kiss & Makeup.